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Live Interactive Executive Session: June 1 at 11am ET

Ready to reduce AWS cloud block spend by ~50%?

Join AWS and Cirrus Data on June 1 for a live interactive discussion on how businesses can reduce their cloud costs more than 50%.

You'll see firsthand how you can reduce the complexity and accelerate your block-level data migration. With zero downtime and zero disruption, you'll start realizing the cost benefits of Amazon FSxN sooner.

Register today and see how you can start optimizing your cloud block investment.   




Mark Greenlaw, Global Market Strategy

Mark Greenlaw

Global Market Strategy, Cirrus Data

Randy Seamans, AWS, Global AWS Storage Specialist Solutions Analyst

Randy Seamans

Global Storage Specialist, AWS

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Want to learn more before June  1?

Cirrus Migrate Cloud for FSxN

Fully Managed Migration

Ready to start using your new AWS FSxN? Our fully-managed service delivers a non-disruptive block-level migration to get you onto your FSxN faster. Get time back in your schedule without sacrifice. 


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Teach to Fish

How many data migrations do you have planned for 2022? There are times when it makes sense to learn how to complete the migrations yourself. Our professional services team will accelerate your migration project and teach your team how to perform their own data migrations.


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