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Get the right level of support to keep your digital transformation on track. 

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🎉 New Customer Center

Starting on November 1st, our completely redesigned Customer Center will be available for customers and partners. You will be able to quickly find the answers you need to accelerate your data mobility projects.

Cirrus Data delivers solutions for any storage environment - cloud, on-premises, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud. Our new Customer Center will help you quickly access the information you need so you can get back to setting new records for your data mobility speeds. 

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Standard Support

All Cirrus Data customers receive standard support during their data mobility projects.

  • Customer center access
  • Getting started guides
  • Technical documentation
  • Knowledge Base access with detailed how-to guides
  • Technical support cases are initiated and managed through a centralized location.

    * All customers and partners receive a response by the end of the next business day*

  • Hardware Support: next business day* after remote diagnosis is complete
  • Replacement Parts: shipped next business day**

Always included


Premium Support

When your business doesn't stop at the end of the day, neither does Cirrus Data.

  • Customer center access
  • Getting started guides
  • Technical documentation
  • Knowledge Base access with detailed how-to guides
  • Technical support cases are initiated and managed through a centralized location.
  • 24 x7 x 365 call center support for ticket escalation:

    * Level 1: One hour
    * Level 2: Two hours
    * Level 3: Two business hours*
    * Level 4: Four business hours*

  • Dedicated support engineer assigned for critical issues
  • 24 x 7 Automated, proactive monitoring and support sapabilities
  • Hardware Support: Four-hour mission-critical diagnosis

    * Four-hour service response during same business day - if available

  • Replacement Parts: shipped overnight**

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Premium Support

Anywhere, Anytime Support for Data Mobility

Cirrus Data delivers the industry's leading block data mobility solution. When your organization needs to accelerate its data migration, our data mobility experts are available 24 x 7 x 365,

Support on Your Schedule

Our team is available around the clock to support your data mobility projects. Increase your flexibility and complete your migrations when it makes sense for your organization. 

Premium Support Engineers

Our team of data mobility experts have a deep understanding of storage networks across public clouds, multi-clouds, hybrid storage, or on-premises environments. We can work together to solve any block data mobility challenges.


Cloud Support

Cirrus Data can proactively monitor your data mobility project with our remote support service. Your premium support engineer will be able to perform diagnostic tasks, operational logs, and detailed configurations.

Real-time Answers

Our team of experts is available 24 x 7 x 365 to help immediately with any urgent issues. With premium support, you can reach Cirrus Data Support through our call center to escalate your ticket whenever there is an outage-related urgent issue.

US-based Energy Delivery Organization

Storage Specialist

US-based Energy Delivery Organization

"Our entire migration experience was easy and quick with a fantastic level of service and professionalism provided."

Global Financial Advisory and Consulting Firm

Cirrus Data Partner Lead

Global Financial Advisory and Consulting Firm

"Cirrus Data's Premium Support was spectacular and on point throughout the migration project. We accomplished all our goals for this project in a very difficult environment due to a restricted site and very limited network bandwidth."

Top 50 Global Financial Enterprise

Cirrus Data Partner Lead

Top 50 Global Financial Enterprise

"Despite many complexities and the narrow window of opportunity to migrate data, the project was a huge success thanks to Cirrus Data’s Premium Support. The cooperation between the customer’s management, Cirrus Data, and the storage vendor project team made a huge difference in the outcome."


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Cirrus Data Premium Support? Here are some of the questions we often receive.

Cirrus Data Premium Support gives customers help on technical issues and additional guidance on moving block data between storage environments. All our data mobility solutions include access to our Customer Center with detailed technical documentation. Cirrus Data experts are also available through email with next business day* response times for all standard technical support questions. For organizations that want phone support and 24 x 7 x 365 access to our experts, our Premium Support option delivers that and more. 

Cirrus Data Premium support is one-on-one, fast, and provided by experienced technical support engineers. The service helps customers keep their mobility projects on track and use all the Cirrus Data Solutions capabilities to their fullest. Customers with technical questions can contact a team of support engineers and receive predictable responses with personalized support.  


Cirrus Data Standard Support offers all Cirrus Data partners and customers access to our Customer Center, Knowledge Base, detailed technical how-to documentation, and next-business-day email support for technical issues. Customers who require faster response times and immediate access to our experts for outage-related issues can purchase our Premium Support. 

Customers who choose Cirrus Data Premium Support gain one-on-one, fast support from CDS engineers. Customers with technical questions can contact a team of support engineers at any time and receive predictable, personalized support. 


Cirrus Data Premium Support covers technical questions related to any Cirrus Data solution, along with troubleshooting for issues that arise during the migration.

  • Project-related technical questions regarding deployed Cirrus Migrate On-Premises appliances
  • Troubleshooting API issues
  • Troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with CDS solutions
  • Proactive monitoring of your Cirrus Data by Cloud Support
  • Hardware support for mission-critical diagnosis and response

Premium Support does not include:

  • Code development
  • Debugging custom software
  • Performing system administration tasks


As many as you need. All partners and customers are required to submit support cases through the Customer Success Center. Response times will vary depending on your service level and the level of the issue.  

Yes, Cirrus Data is a global organization. Any Cirrus Data customer may sign up for and use Cirrus Data Support.

If an issue is related to your Cirrus Data project, we'll be happy to help you. We will need to verify the support level purchased. Please be ready to provide the solution's license(s) and/or serial number(s).  

You may also inquire about becoming a Cirrus Data Partner

All Cirrus Data customers have access to Standard Support. Premium Support is also available. Cirrus Data support is typically provided directly to – and requested by – the customer unless the customer has instructed otherwise. 

Cirrus Data Professional Services are delivered by a global team of data mobility experts who supplement the project team (of either the customer, partner or both) with specialized skills and experience to execute data mobility initiatives. 

Cirrus Data Professional Services are best used to achieve specific project goals and business outcomes. Our Professional Services team maintains deep, specialized knowledge of services and solutions delivered by Cirrus Data and its storage/cloud partners. This expertise allows project teams to accelerate their data mobility and digital transformations. 

Yes, you can upgrade your support by contacting your Cirrus Data account executive. Alternatively, you can send us an email here.

When you visit you'll be prompted to select your Cirrus Data Solution type. After clicking the Cirrus Migrate On-Prem (CMO) option, you'll need to log into the system with the same credentials you used to log into BSI. 

All partners and customers should start by submitting a case through the Customer Center at Please be sure to have your license(s) and/or serial number(s) ready to confirm your support level. 

  • Standard Support customers and partners will receive a response within one business day.
  • Premium Support customers and partners will receive a response within the service level agreement timeframes outlined in their support documents.

Premium Support customers can also call our  24 x 7 x 365 call center at 800.728.7318 (North America) or + 1 844.409.4548 (rest of the world) after they have created a case at the Customer Center to escalate any critical outage-related issues. Please be sure to have your ticket number ready when you call. 


Your historical account information is now available in the Customer Center. You'll use the same credentials you did for BSI to access the new Customer Center. 

* Support business hours are from Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM (North American Eastern Timezone). Support business hours exclude local holidays in the timezone.

** Delivery times may vary for replacement parts depending on geographic location and customs.