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Cloud Migration includes 1TB of migration capacity

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Say hello to Cirrus Migration Cloud. It is the only solution available that allows you to migrate block storage data in a fraction of the time, without business disruption, and doesn't require you to compromise on security. 

For a limited time, Cirrus Data is offering the ability to try Cirrus Migrate Cloud for 30-days free. We are also including 1TB of migration capacity. 

Cloud Storage Tiering:

Ready to move non-disruptively between cloud storage tiers? For 30-days, you can try the new Cirrus Migrate Cloud with up to 1TB of migration capacity. The trial also includes snapshot functionality across all tiers including Ultra Disk and the Ephemeral Disks.

On-premise Migration:

Cirrus Migrate Cloud does more than migrate data between cloud tiers. You can also move to the cloud with near-zero downtime. Migrate any on-premise block-based array to the cloud 4-6xs faster with Cirrus Migrate Cloud. 

Get serious about your migration to the cloud and register for the 30-day Cirrus Migrate Cloud trial with 1TB of free migration capacity. 
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Ready to see a preview of Cirrus Migrate Cloud?

Watch these videos to see Cirrus Migrate Cloud in action. 

Data Migration Demo
Microsoft Azure to AWS

Data Migration Demo
Between Azure Disk Tiers

Data Migration Demo
On-Premises to Microsoft Azure