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On-Premises, Hybrid and Multi-cloud Flexibility

Businesses often report delaying their IT infrastructure decisions due to the complexities associated with migrating primary storage. From security concerns and vendor interoperability issues to administrative overhead and strains on downtime windows, storage migration can be an enormous burden. Cirrus Data removes data migration as an obstacle to achieving your business goals.

Any Block Storage. Any Environment.

Any Block Storage. Any Environment.Your data is your data. Move your primary storage and mission-critical applications to the right environment based on your business. It is fast, secure, seamless, and always-on with Cirrus Data.


Live Data Migration.

Migration WindowTo experience the benefits of true data mobility, you need a different approach to traditional migration windows. With Cirrus Data, you no longer bring applications and users offline to migrate storage. Our patented technology enables you to migrate the storage while the applications are in use. There is no impact on the application’s performance with automatic migration throttling based on your preferences. You can harness all the available bandwidth to accelerate the migration.

No Security Comprise.

 Secure-Migration-IconMigrate to your new storage without security or compliance concerns. Our patented technology enables a completely new kind of data mobility that doesn't compromise your security.